General Boat Charter Questions

We believe there are no dumb questions – just interested interesting people!

Can I speak to someone about my Charter?

First and foremost, we are here to help you and we encourage you to speak to us about your charter as we have many years of experience and our advice will take the stress out of the booking process to ensure a smooth, memorable and successful charter event.
Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Are we able to do a boat inspection?

Boat inspections are encouraged and many clients are amazed at how much space Dreamtime Girl has and the fantastic condition of the vessel and its equipment. An inspection is a great opportunity to ask any relevant questions about the vessel. You will find that being onboard and walking around the various areas of the boat will allow you to get an idea of walkways, seating capacity and areas, toilets, galley, covered sections and outdoor areas.
For vessel inspections please arrange with Andries on 0475 774 198

How do I secure my booking date for Dreamtime Girl?

In order to secure your selected date, you will need to make a 50% deposit by either Credit Card (fees apply) or EFT and once received we will lock that date and time in for you and your group.
Please note that if you send a boat charter enquiry and/ or place a hold on the vessel, this does not secure Dreamtime Girl for you and your group for your chosen date until your receive an email that your charter date and time is confirmed.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Generally, you will need to book your charter date at least few weeks in advance but availability will depend on the season and time of the year.
If you know your date for example for someone’s birthday or a special occasion then we suggest you book well in advance in order to secure your selected date. If this date is in our peak period, summer ,then we recommend many months in advance as Dreamtime Girl gets heavily booked from October through to March with weekends being particularly busy.

Are you a COVID-19 Safe Business?

Yes, Dreamtime Girl has a registered Covid-19 Safety Plan in place.

What happens if he charter cannot go ahead as planned due to Covid-19?

If COVID-19 restrictions imposed by either the State or Federal Government prevent your charter from going ahead as planned, you will be offered either a postponement to another available date within a year, or a full refund. Please read our terms and conditions document for more details.

Sydney Harbour Cruise FAQS

Can I cruise Outside Sydney Harbour?
Yes, it is possible to cruise outside Sydney Harbour as Dreamtime Girl has 2C survey classification with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and the vessel is permitted to go outside Sydney Heads for example on Boxing Day with a maximum of 12 passengers and 2 crew.
Note while it is possible to go outside Sydney Heads under our 2C survey classification we do not recommend for standard charters unless passengers are familiar with ocean conditions as most people will suffer from sea sickness.

Can I cruise for less than 4 hours?
It is possible to cruise for less than 4 hours however please note that our minimum booking time is 4 hours and this time is necessary on most charters to allow for a leisurely cruise without rushing and where a BBQ menu has been selected gives the crew time to cook the food as we are not permitted to BBQ if vessel is underway.

Are children allowed on the boat?
Children are allowed on the vessel and while all care and effort will be taken by the crew during their normal course of operations it is the responsibility of parents and or guardians to ensure adequate supervision of children at all times.
Children’s Life jackets are available and it would be appreciated if you inform us of the age and number of kids who will be attending prior to your charter.

Pick up and Drop Off FAQs

Where can we be picked up and dropped off from?
There is a large selection of commercial charter vessel pick up and drop off locations to choose from and you will have the opportunity to make your preferences for wharf location at the time of booking. Note that many commercially accessed wharves are in high demand and if there is no time slot availability for your choice of wharf, we will suggest another time slot or alternative wharf location.

Can I get dropped off at a private wharf?
Dreamtime Girl is able to pick up and drop off at many wharf locations within the harbour and depending on the location, water depth and conditions we are able on some occasions to pick up and drop off at private jetties at the Captains discretion. Please make your request at time of booking.

Do Pick up and Drop off wharf fees apply?
Yes. There is a fee of $75 for each drop off and pick up. Manly Wharf or Homebush Bay requests incur additional fees. The fee covers payments to Australian Maritime Safety Authority for commercial wharf registration and booking fees, also crew wages and fuel costs for extra time to get to your chosen location.

BYO Catering FAQS

Can I bring my own food?
Yes, BYO of food is permissible and in fact substantial food needs to be served on Dreamtime Girl where alcohol is being consumed under Responsible Service of Alcohol Legislation with most people bringing an array of meats, chicken and fish for the BBQ which one of our crew can cook for you.
Prepared salads, cooked barbecue chickens, bread rolls, prawns, oysters, cold meats, cheeses and dips are all very popular and are easy to platter up with minimum effort.

Can you recommend particular food?
We recommend you bring prepared foods onto the vessel as it is not the crews job to prep your food and by bringing product already prepared allows you to enjoy your charter without all the stress of having to prepare in our galley area which is limited and not like a home kitchen.

If we have left over food from our charter and cannot take it with us when we disembark the vessel, can we collect it the next day?
Food unlike, beverages that are in airtight containers, is a lot more difficult to store and while we can keep product in the small fridges that we have on the boat we will not be held responsible for food safety and all foodstuffs will need to be picked up the following day otherwise leftovers will be disposed of for safety reasons.
All foodstuffs left over from day charters will need to be removed from the vessel or otherwise disposed of for safety reasons.

Professional Catering FAQ

Can I have my charter catered for ?
Yes. Dreamtime Girl has a range of catering options to suite your Corporate Sydney Harbour charter so feel free to view the range on our website and just let us know your order and we can arrange for the catering to be delivered to the vessel prior to your charter.

Can I change the menus advertised on the boat?
It is possible to mix items from different menu options however we will need to contact the caterer prior to your charter to get approval to ensure successful delivery at time of charter.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?
Yes. There is a selection of options in the menus to cover vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, Halal

Can we bring our own cake for our celebration?
Yes, it is possible to bring your own cake for your special celebration however note that due to limited size of fridges and freezers we request that ice-cream cakes be avoided.

BYO and Supplier Beverages FAQ
BYO Beverages

I wish to BYO my drinks is this allowed?
Yes, you are able to BYO your own beverages for your charter but please note that if you BYO alcohol you will need to supply substantial food to your guests and that persons under the age of 18yrs are not permitted to consume alcohol on your charter as per Responsible Service of Alcohol Legislation.

Can I drop off my BYO alcohol prior to my charter?
If your charter is booked for the day then we recommend you drop off the beverages and ice to the vessel well before its departure time. Note if your pick up is not in Rose Bay then you will need to speak to the Captain, Andries Page on +61 475 774 198 so he can set a time for dropping off the drinks as city pick-ups for example mean the vessel needs to clear the dock 1 hour before charter pick up.

I have a night charter what do I do about dropping off my BYO beverages?
If you are booked on an evening charter you are able to drop your beverages off prior to your charter provided the vessel is not already doing a charter which means that it will be docked in its pen at Rose Bay Marina. If the vessel is doing a double charter then it may not return to Rose Bay Marina in which case you will need to arrange a drop off early in the day and we can store your beverages in the owner’s cabin until the first charter is completed.

Do I need to bring my own Eskies or does the vessel have a place to keep my drinks chilled?
The vessel is fully equipped to store your beverages and keep them chilled for the duration of your charter so please do not bring eskies onto the vessel as these are often cumbersome and tend to take up space on the vessel that can restrict people flows.

Do you supply ice for our charter?
It is the charterers responsibility to bring their own ice particularly for evening charters and is it recommended that you bring 6 bags for small groups up to 30 and 10 bags for over 30 passengers as ice is difficult to buy while on charter.

Can I remove any unused BYO alcohol from the vessel at the completion of the charter?
Yes, you are able to remove any unused alcohol from the vessel at completion of the charter but please note that all alcohol needs to be secured in a covered bag and that no alcohol is to be consumed by your party at ferry wharfs or public precincts such as King Street Wharf

I am unable to take my leftover BYO alcohol after the completion of the charter what do I do?
If you have any alcohol left over at the completion of your charter you will need to pick it up the following day and note that as we do not have an office or storage area we are not able to store your leftover alcohol period!!

I wish to book some beverages for our charter is this possible?
While the vessel does not have a Liquor Licence we have been working closely with Rose Bay Drive In Liquor for nearly 20 years and it is possible to order and pay for your beverages and have them delivered to the vessel prior to your charter.
Speak to Stephen or one of the friendly sales team on 93718483 or visit the website

Download Roses Bay Drive in Liquor Order Menu Here

Music and Power FAQ

Does the Boat Have Electric Power for Charging?
Like many boats the vessel runs on 12-volt power and it is possible to charge up small items via cigarette lighter sockets that are located all over the vessel.
Dreamtime Girl also have a 3 KVA Generator which can supply 240v power throughout the vessel and can be used to charge larger pieces of equipment while on charter or power up DJ amplifiers for example.

Can I Bring My Own Music?
Yes, you can bring your own music and the vessel is equipped with an amplifier and multiple speakers that are placed about the vessel.
Generally, guests use their phone and run the music via their Bluetooth and its possible to charge your phone on the vessel so please bring that along with either 12 v socket or 240v plug.

What to Wear and Bring FAQ

What Attire Do You Recommend?
Depending on the type of charter you are going on we recommend that you wear comfortable smart casual attire with suitable boat shoes and it’s a good idea to bring swimming costumes, towel, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
Although Dreamtime Girl Catamaran has numerous areas that are protected from the elements we recommend that you bring along a seasonal sweater/wind jacket.

What Are Suitable Boat Shoes?
Suitable boat shoes are those that have a white sole so that the fiberglass on the vessel does not get scuffed however if you do not own a pair no stress as you can walk around the vessel in your sox or bare feet which guests normally do.

Can I Wear High Heels?
High heels are strictly forbidden onboard most charter vessels so please be aware that we will get you to remove any high heeled shoes prior to boarding the vessel.

What to Bring Checklist:

  • Boat friendly shoes
  • Seasonal jacket
  • Ice for esky / coolers
  • BYO Food or order catering
  • BYO Drinks or order beverages
  • Swimmers and towel if you wish
  • Music playlist ready on phone
  • Hat and Sunscreen
Entertainment and Enhancement Options

What entertainment options are available?
Dreamtime Girl Charters has a range of entertainment options available which will appeal to all age groups so that your cruise is an unforgettable and memorable experience.
the following are available:

  • 1/Giant Water Slide
  • 2/2 x Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • 3/ Massive Lilly Pad
  • 4/Laser Clay Shooting
  • 5/DJ
  • 6/Magician
  • 7/Massage Therapists

    Please ask us for more details for these options. Review our ready made boat charter packages that have some of these pre-buit in with savings for you!

Swimming and Water Toys

Can we have a swim during our charter?
Swimming is allowed once the vessel has been anchored and the engines have been switched off. It should be noted that if anyone aboard wishes to enter the water they will need to sign the vessel’s Swim Waiver first.( Please ask the skipper for this )
Please note that we do not allow swimming on evening charters for safety reasons.

I would like to bring some of my own inflatable water toys. Is that OK?
Yes. We have a pump on board, so ask the skipper- it might save lots of blowing!

Corporate Events FAQ
Corporate Charter

We would like to do a Corporate charter on Dreamtime Girl is the vessel suitable?
We have been operating Dreamtime Girl since November 2009 and to date we have done over 650 successful corporate charters on the vessel with companies such as Cisco, Telstra, Optus, CBA, Westpac, Google, Ernst and Young, Nestle, Qantas, Lend Lease, Fairfax Media, BMW, Apple, Macquarie Bank, ANZ, St George, Harvey Norman, IBM, American Express, Alliance and many others.

Some of our corporate guests may need to leave the vessel before completion of the charter what do we do?
Should some of your party need to disembark the vessel before the completion of your charter they can call Ron at VIP Water Taxi on 0418847777 he will pick them up from the vessel and drop them off to almost any location within the harbour that has a wharf or dock.
Please note that the water taxi will need to be paid at time of usage and this cost will not be borne by the vessel operators.

Can we do a corporate business breakfast on Dreamtime Girl?
Over the years we have done many corporate business breakfasts aboard Dreamtime Girl and it’s a truly unique way to engage your staff for that important business briefing so why not try something different form the standard business gathering inside a room at a function centre.

Where can we be picked up for our Corporate Cruise?
There are many places where we can pick up and drop off within Sydney Harbour and we suggest you look at our wharf list on our website to see what pick up and drop off location best suits your party.

Wedding FAQs

We wish to have our wedding aboard Dreamtime Girl is this possible?
Yes, we have done dozens of weddings aboard Dreamtime Girl and she is particularly great for those who are wanting a smart vessel with a layed back atmosphere.

Can I have my ceremony performed onboard?
Yes, most certainly and it has been done on numerous occasions over the last 10 years. We can arrange a fantastic celebrant for you or alternatively you can source your own celebrant for your special wedding.
Prior to your wedding it is advisable to discuss with the Captain a game plan for getting the celebrant on and off the vessel for your event. Often the celebrant will join the vessel to perform the ceremony then either stay on board for the duration of the charter or get dropped off at the conclusion of the ceremony at the nearest wharf or disembark via water taxi.

Can the captain do our wedding Ceremony?
Unfortunately, no ,

as the vessel has to be at least 12 nautical miles from the land and within the harbour they need to hold a Registered Marriage Celebrants Certificate to legally perform a marriage ceremony.

Can we rehearse the wedding ceremony before our charter?
Yes, this is possible however you will need to check with the Captain to ensure that the vessel is not on charter at the time of your proposed rehearsal.

Can we decorate the vessel prior to the wedding ceremony?
Yes, this is possible however please be aware that no glues or heavy masking tapes are to be used as these can damage the vessels surfaces particularly in the interior.
It’s a good idea to speak to the Captain and check out the vessel prior to your wedding so that we can all adequately plan in advance where and how to secure flowers, signage and the like. We have found that blue tack and cable ties are a very handy option as well as double sided tape.

Can I use candles on the tables?
For safety reasons we do not allow naked flames eg candles on the vessel however we do allow LED candles that are safe and extremely effective

Can we use confetti, popper streamers and glitter on the vessel?
Unfortunately, confetti and popper streamers are not allowed on the vessel as once they come in contact wit moisture they will stain the fiberglass and as for glitter due to its fine structure its nigh on impossible to vacuum out of the carpets.

What route will the Captain take during our ceremony?
As with all of our charters aboard Dreamtime Girl the Captain will chose a route depending on the conditions on the day and for wedding charters we can tailor the route to suite your schedule and requirements.
Usually we will pick up your guests go to a sheltered location to perform the ceremony and take photos then cruise about the harbour sightseeing before dropping anchor to enjoy food and drinks then finish off with a short cruise.

Safety and Accessibility

Is the Boat Safe?
Dreamtime Girl is in full commercial survey with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and the vessel has been built and maintained to strict standards involving regular safety and maintenance inspections by the authorities.

Is There A First Aid Kit Onboard?
As part of our survey conditions with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Dreamtime Girl has an extensive and up to date First Aid Kit that is available when required and it is a prerequisite that all staff hold their First Aid Certificate.

We have a disabled person as part of our party. Can they be accommodated?
Yes, we can accommodate persons in wheelchairs but please note that as the companionway on the vessel is small compared to a normal doorway it may be necessary to help the person aboard first followed by the wheelchair which the crew can carry up and over the guardrails.

Once on board there are a few spots under cover that we can safely secure the wheelchair out of the wind and elements.
who is disabled
If you have a member of your party coming it would be great if you could let us know in advance so that we can arrange crew who will be capable to assist in moving the person and wheelchair on and off the vessel.

Booking Terms and Fees

What are your Terms and Conditions?
You must agree to our terms and conditions before you book your charter. In summary, these are some important points to note:

  • You need to pay in full before your charter
  • There is a $2000 refundable bond payable prior to your charter
  • The charter will not be cancelled for weather unless deemed unsafe by the Captain
  • We comply with NSW RSA laws and if you are bringing alcohol substantial food must be brought or ordered to comply. We recommend at least 1x meal per person. Light snacks will not suffice.
  • Anyone who is suspected to be intoxicated will not be permitted to board the vessel at time of embarkation.
    View Full Terms and Conditions Here

    Are There Any Additional Charges That Apply To My Booking?
    NB Some fees and charges are wavered in packages.
  • Generally a fee of $150 is paid for pick up and drop off. This will cover the costs of commercial wharf fees and booking with AMSA, petrol and staffing labour to and from your chosen wharves.
  • Please take note of surcharges that occur on special event days and public holidays.
  • Standard credit card fees apply.
  • If you have 35 guests or more you will need to have an extra waitstaff
  • Have a look at the boat party packages for some savings

Is There Any Bond Payable for Our Charter?
All charters are subject to a refundable $2000 bond provided there is no damage to the vessel at the conclusion of the charter.

Post Charter FAQs
Sunset Cruise Sydney

Do we have to wash up our dishes after the charter?
No, our friendly crew will take care of all the washing up which will allow you to enjoy your charter.

Are we responsible for taking our rubbish away after the charter?
No, we will dispose of all your rubbish from the charter and this is covered by your amenity fee.

We Have Left Some Items On The Boat
If you have left something on the vessel its best to call the Captain the following day after 0930 to see if the cleaners can locate your items